Vendor Information

Vendor Information


Dear Concessionaires,

I would like to formally invite you to participate in our 151st Annual Kutztown Fair. The official dates for the fair are Monday August 8th through Saturday August 13th 2022. Your concession stand should be open Monday the 8th by 4:00p.m.

Inside rental spaces are $25.00 per running foot, and included in the price is normal electrical usage. The buildings are locked at night with an employed watchman on guard. Outside spaces are $25.00 per front foot, plus a charge of $75.00 for each 110 volts of electrical hook-up, and $100.00 for each 220 volt hook-up. The prices for electric and footage encompasses the entire week the Fair is open. This payment should be paid by opening day on August 9th, and all footage is being handled by the Fair Concession Committee.

Outside space locations are rented with a minimum of ten foot frontages. This frontage includes the space taken by any tractor trailer hitches, awnings, tables or any other equipment that you might require. All equipment displays must be set up in an orderly manner, and should not be offensive to other exhibitors or the general public.

With limited space available, please respond by June 1, 2022 so that confirmations can be sent out as soon as possible. Footage will be given on a first come first serve basis, and arrangements can be made if you wish to see the area available. Rental of tables is available at $10.00 at a limit of two per concession, (a limited supply of tables are available.)

A 25% deposit is required to confirm your space and the remainder of your balance is to be paid at the opening of the Fair, by certified check, cash, or money order. Any cancellations received after June 30, 2022 will be forfeited.

A web link to the Contract can be found at the bottom of this page where you can print the contract, and if you intend to participate please fill out the form completely and return it with your 25% deposit. Mail your response to the address below.


Dale Kramer
Fair Concession Chairman



The sponsor agrees to reserve display space until Fair time provided that:

  1. Exhibitor’s payment is received prior to opening day of the fair, either by mail or at the Fair office.
  2. Exhibitor agrees to have display fully erected by 4pm Monday and removed by 2 pm Sunday.
  3. Sponsor reserves the right to reassign space locations if it is in the best interest of the fair.

ELECTRICAL INFORMATION: Nobody other than the authorized Kutztown Fair board electrician will be allowed to perform any electrical hookup or wiring of any equipment on the Kutztown Fairgrounds.

INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS: Tenants agree to maintain adequate insurance on its structure and all of the Tenant’s property placed therein; in addition to maintain public general liability and damage insurance, with limits of not less than $1,000,000 for personal injury. Present a certificate showing the: Kutztown Fair Association as an additional insured prior to the opening day the fair.

SETUP AND TEARDOWN: Setup can start before the Fair on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday, August 6th, 7th, or 8th. Setup must be complete no later than 4pm on Monday August 8th. Upon arrival, go to the Fair Office for directions to your location. After you have setup and unloaded your vehicle, please move your vehicle to the parking lot so that the roads are cleared for others to setup. No exhibit or concessions may be dismantled or removed during the continuance of the fair. Teardown may begin no sooner than 10pm on Saturday August 13th, and Sunday with arrangements.

EXHIBIT HOURS: All vendors, inside or outside, must be open 4pm to 10pm, Monday through Friday, as well as Saturday from 2pm to 10pm for Children’s Day.

NATURE OF EXHIBIT: The Management reserves the right to decline or prohibit any exhibit, exhibitor or concession not deemed suitable, This reservation covers persons, things, conduct, printed matter, souvenirs and emblems; all things which affect the character of the exhibit or concession.

FOOD LICENSE: All food vendors are subject to an inspection for temporary food licenses by the PA Department of Agriculture early in the week. The vendor will pay the fee for the licenses.  If vendor or exhibitor has a current PA permanent food license, please display it at the fair and notify the inspector upon arrival. The Kutztown Fair Association is not liable for any changes and/or fines deemed necessary by the PA Department of Agriculture.


  1. Cost of electrical connections, inspection fees and related costs are to be borne by the licensee.
  2. There will be no refund of payment on the contract.
  3. The licensee shall not interfere with other exhibitors or vendors by activity beyond the space this agreement covers, or by nuisances or excessive noise.
  4. Roving solicitation is prohibited.
  5. Each person is required to show only goods described on the application. Nothing additional will be added other that the printed or typed on this contract without written approval of the Fair Concession Chairman.
  6. The above rules are in addition to any rules and regulation found on the back of the space contract.
  7. The Fair will not be responsible for any loss of goods or property by theft, rain, or accident, nor act of God.



For any questions regarding vendors and exhibits at the Kutztown Fair, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you in a timely manner.

Vendor Form
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